Dutch National Geography Olympiad & International Geography Olympiad

Welcome to the website of the Dutch National Geography Olympiad. This contest is held every year in the Netherlands, and consists of a first round in which over 4000 students between the age of 16 and 20 years participate. From the results of this first round, the 15 highest scoring students are invited to the finals. The finals are usually held in the beginning of June, on the premises of a higher education institution somewhere in the country.

The four best scoring students in the finals will be invited to the International Geography Olympiad (iGeo), which is held during the summer holidays. More information about iGeo is available on their website: www.geoolympiad.org. The next iGeo will be held in Beijng, China in August 2016.

The iGeo in 2015 was held in Tver, Russian Federation. Two members of the Dutch team, Steven Zwartkruis & Nick van der Klauw won a bronze medal.
The iGeo in 2014 was held in Kraków, Poland from 12 - 18 August. Titus Kruyssen, one of the members of the Dutch team won a bronze medal.

For more information about the Dutch National Geography Olympiad, or our cooperation with iGeo, please contact:

Jacques Bazen

The Dutch team at iGeo 2014

iGeo Poland 2014